in life there nothing you will say it’s fair only those who follow the ten commandments are trying justice. They say don’t steal but all of us on earth we have taken from other races in physical or intangible goods or services. But when you are convicted of crimes you need a lawyer to defend so that you don’t face prosecution but not knowing that you are wrong.

Nobody is above the law but if you have eyes and ears probably every day in an hour more damage is done for the benefit of or for a friend why but why? Let us be positive and the best




 self-reflection is good and important in life as it gives abundance in life. It constitutes more on positive about everything,as life circles or is interdependence on friends,family,coworkers and everyone we meet in life.

* supportive or destructive or constructive

* do you cheer people or your first

Instinct is to be judgmental or emphatic